2019 BMI Free Tuition Ensemble

August 5-10: Ensemble | Academic Programs

August 12-17: Ensemble | Academic Programs

August 19-24: BMI Prom Gala | Academic Programs

- Strings,Woodwinds, Brass, Percussion -

Ages 8 to 19








Boston Music Institute will offer a music program as well as optional academic programs for students ages 8 to 19, with free morning orchestra and optional, low-cost afternoon small ensembles and SAT/SSAT/ACT prep classes. There will be three week-long sessions, and students may sign up for one, two or three weeks.


The goal of this program is to provide students from beginning through advanced-intermediate instrumental ability with a rigorous and fun ensemble playing experience, taught by high-level instructors from BMI, in order to grow and develop their individual musicianship and group playing

Concerts: First Baptiste Church in Newton, MA

Rehearsals: Michael Driscoll School, Brookline, MA


Morning courses: Tuition Free

Week 1: Large Ensemble/Orchestra

Rehearsals: August 5-9 | 9:30am-12:00pm

Concert: August 10 | 5:30pm

Week 2: Large Ensemble/Orchestra

Rehearsals: August 12-16 | 9:30am-12:00pm

Concert: August 17 | 6:00pm

Week 3: Prom Gala 

Rehearsals: August 19-23 | 9:30am-12:00pm

Concert: August 24 | 6:00pm

Afternoon courses (Optional) :Tuition $35 per hour

Music programs

*Students may enroll in one or multiple programs, also sign up for one, two or three weeks.

  • BMI Leadership Class: Students will be given the opportunity to teach a workshop in front of an audience​

  • Sight-reading training/Mock auditions: Preparation for seating auditions and Junior/Senior districts/All States

  • Small ensemble

  • 1:00pm to 2:00pm- Small ensemble

  • 2:00pm to 3:00pm- Small ensemble

  • 3:00pm to 4:00pm- Small ensemble

  • 4:00pm to 5:00pm- Music Leadership class | Mock Audition/Sight Reading Training


Academic programs

*Students may enroll in one or multiple programs, also sign up for one, two or three weeks.

  • SAT/ACT prep

  • SSAT prep

  • 1:00pm to 2:00pm: SAT/ACT prep

  • 2:00pm to 3:00pm: SAT/ACT prep

  • 1:00pm to 2:00pm: SSAT prep

  • 2:00pm to 3:00pm: SSAT prep

Given the competitive nature of today’s world, college admissions boards are looking for candidates who have both academic potential and personal strength. Playing an instrument is a great way to demonstrate a student’s personality traits that has positive impact on their college life and future careers, such as perseverance, commitment, and leadership. Good SAT/ACT scores can be an indicator of potential academic success at college. BMI will help students prepare for college applications, orchestra auditions such as NEC, BPYO, BYSO, senior districts. SAT/ACT or Critical Reading and Writing classes optionally offered as a part of the BMI leadership program will enhance students’ academic readiness for college. BMI will also write recommendations for college applications for participation in this program. No matter what career or academic major they choose, the BMI summer program will be a wonderful opportunity to empower the program participants’ future. 


Daily Schedule


9:30am to 12:00pm:Large Ensemble/Orchestra (Free Tuition)

12:00pm to 1:00pm:Lunch (Self provided)

1:00pm to 5:00pm:Additional programs (Optional) | Tuition $35 per hour-long class

*Students may enroll in one or multiple programs, also sign up for one, two or three weeks

-Small ensemble

-Music Leadership

-Mock Auditions/Sight Reading Training




BMI Artists

Kyoko HorowitzArtistic Director at BMI, Violin Faculty at NEC 

Seohee Koo | Assistant Director 
Esther Ning Yau | Piano Faculty at NEC 

Minghui Lin | Cello Faculty at NEC 

Marguerite Levin | Clarinetist, Faculty at Northeastern University and NEC 

Jacqueline DeVoe | Flutist, Faculty at NEC

Jaehee Ju | Faculty at Wellesley College 

Minjung Chun | Violist, Artistic Director of SON

Susan Bengtson | Violist, Prize Winner of the Northwestern University Viola



                                               Balancing the Pursuit of Two Passions 

It is a false dichotomy reflecting today’s hyper focused attention on capitalism, that a satisfying and successful

career in the sciences, humanities, or business, cannot co-exist with a strong avocation or even career in music

and the arts. History abounds with examples of individuals in virtually all types of careers, who were also highly

accomplished musicians who actively performed. And yet, for many, choices of focus in college and beyond are

presented as an either or scenario, leading many promising young musicians to either leave music entirely or to

allow their skills to atrophy to the point of no return. In their Boston Music Institute Seminar, Drs. Borger,

Reimann, and Wong will discuss how to balance excellence in both a career in the sciences as well as in music,

how music relates to mathematics, and how music can sustain and enrich a rewarding career in medicine (music

as medicine). The seminar will provide both practical tips on balancing academic and musical pursuits as well as

philosophical rationales for how the skills necessary for both complement and enhance each other.

Julie Reimann | MD, Ph.D. Director, Molecular Dermatopathology at inform Diagnostics, Co-founder of Duo Amie, Cellist

Julia Wong | MD Radiation oncologist, Dana- Farber Cancer Institute/Brigham and Women's Hospital, Assistant Professor  Harvard Medical School, Violinist

Christoph Borgers | Professor of Mathematics Tufts University, Pianist

Dane Jacobson | Princeton University, Computer Sciences, and Quantitative Biology, Violinist

SAT & SSAT Faculty

Teachers are certified and/or current school teachers from WISEPREP Academy Consulting


"Boston Music Institute has given me amazing opportunities to grow as a musician through 

coaching by great conservatory professionals. It is such an honor as well as a musical pleasure

 for me to share a stage with them and other music students based in Boston."
-Sho Yamasaki (Pianist, student in a dual degree program of Harvard /MIT)

"I had such a wonderful time performing at the Boston Music Institute.  They have an incredible coaching staff and the students play well beyond their years.  I recommend BMI to any student who wants to grow as a chamber musician!"

-Dane Jacobson (Princeton University, Computer Sciences, and Quantitative Biology, Violinist)

"My experience with the Boston Music Institute was transformative. I had the rare opportunity to be coached by two outstanding professional musicians and then perform with them the first movement of the Mendelssohn Piano Trio No. 1. Honestly, I was never particularly interested in playing chamber music, but this experience completely changed my mind! Thank you, BMI."

-Hayden Idson (Cellist, Winner, Concerto Competition of the Waltham Philharmonic Orchestra and Wellesley Symphony Orchestra)

"BMI gave me the opportunity to not only grow as a musician but also to truly gain skills such as leadership and collaboration, which are important in life, outside of music, as well. Not only did this program give me very strong motivation to bring my skills to the next level but it also reminded me that I could find joy in playing the violin, and producing beautiful music with other great musicians."

-Julie Koo (Concertmaster at Brookline High School) 


"BMI for me was one of the big highlights of my summer. It is a place full of opportunities, enthusiasm, and inspiration. It is a program where anyone can have fun regardless of the level they play at. Involving everyone and outstanding faculty. I’m looking forward to going back this summer!"

-Justin Chan (Cellist at Brookline High School)


  • The registration fee for all students: $55 

  • Placement audition fee for all students: $30

  • Morning Ensemble/Orchestra: Free

  • Additional classes (optional): $35 per hour-long class

  • The whole package (5 days, including afternoon classes, Monday through Saturday): $500 ($25 per hour-long class), not including registration and audition fees

  • Concert ticket fee: $12 per person for adults and children

How it works

  1. Register online

  2. Pay the $55 registration fee, $30 fee for a placement audition (both of which are non-refundable), and $35 per hour for any additional courses you wish to participate in at the time of registration OR you can purchase the whole package, which includes 5 days of the additional afternoon classes for $500 ($25 per hour).

Cancellation Policy

           After August 5th, registration, audition and additional programs fee will be Non-refundable.

Payment Options for Camper Fees

Check or Money Order

You may send in your payment by check or money order. Please make your check/money order payable to:

Boston Music Institute, Inc

P.O.BOX. 470598

Brookline, MA. 02447









2018 BMI Summer Concert at Boston Symphony Hall

BMI Masterclass by Mickey Katz

Cellist, Boston Symphony Orchestra

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