What is BMI

Your Future Faster

Our mission is to guide promising musicians in the early stages of their careers to professional success. We help them to achieve their goals more quickly by giving them access to specialists who have established themselves in each area of performance: Students working toward orchestral careers are taught by members of top orchestras; those pursuing chamber music careers are taught by members of important chamber ensembles; soloists work with international competition winners - all to find the route to their goals more quickly. 


BMI was founded in 2017 by an experienced violinist and teacher who believed that if students could be brought together with a specific teacher who is well established in the particular part of the profession that they are aiming for, their path to success would be made shorter and more efficient. 


Since then, over 1800 highly accomplished students from Germany,  France, Italy, Spain, Finland, Moldova, Croatia, Syria, England, Switzerland, Venezuela, Holland, Japan, South Korea, China, Canada, Poland, Slovakia and the USA, have participated in intensive masterclasses given by specialists, including members of the Boston Symphony and Berlin Philharmonic. They have then been invited back to perform collaborative chamber music concerts with these specialists and soloists at MIT University.


These young promising musicians can go deeper, gaining direct insight into details of style and approach, in the practice room, in rehearsal and finally on stage. We are able to offer young artists of extraordinary ability new information that they may otherwise spend years searching for.