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SAT/ACT Prep Class

Give your child the tools to ace the SAT/ACT

Experienced tutors, mentorship opportunity, and professional college counseling

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Boston Music Institute will be providing an SAT/ACT test preparation class. Led by three well experienced tutors, the class will be held in two sessions. The first session will run from February 1 – March 29. The second session will be held from April 4 – June 7. The class will be on either Saturdays or Sundays, from 1:00PM – 5:00PM. Students will also get the opportunity to participate in a community service program. Give your child the tools they need to ace the SATs and ACTs.

The Boston Music Institute致力于帮助学生进入美国顶级大学。BMI提供 ACT/SAT 备考课程,帮助学生提高考试成绩。通过每两周一次的报告,学生可以看到他们在各考试科目中的进展。到课程结束时,学生将会学到了考试策略、技巧和最佳实用方法,用以提高他们的标准化考试成绩并被顶级大学录取。





课程内容将涵盖 SAT 或 ACT。在前两周,学生将参加模拟考试,以确定哪种考试最适合自己。课程将涵盖考试技巧、最佳实践以及提高考试成绩的方法。课程将提供每两周一次的成绩包,重点介绍改进点和考试成绩变化。该课程还将通过波士顿音乐学院提供一小时的社区服务。

Effective Layout

1:00-3:00 Practice Testing

3:00-5:00 Test Review and Specialized Tuition

Academic Rigor

This class is designed to challenge students to improve themselves as much as possible. Those who are successful will gain experience taking standardized exams and will be challenged by the standardized tests. No matter their experience, students will be pushed by the exam and will learn how to improve their test taking abilities.

This test prep course will cover the format of the ACT and SAT as well as how to manage difficult questions surrounding math, English, and vocabulary. Standardized exams are meant to challenge students, and this course will mimic the academic rigor of the exams. Students will be pushed to improve themselves.

Well-Rounded Test Preparation Experience

The class sessions will cover either the SAT or ACT. During the first two weeks, the students will take practice exams to figure out which exam suits them best. The class will cover exam tips, best practices, and ways to improve testing scores. The class will come with biweekly result packages that will highlight points of improvement and test score changes. The class will also offer an hour of community service through the Boston Music Institute.

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