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12 Hour Masterclass




By members of the Berlin Philharmonic and the Boston Symphony Orchestra



May - June 2018

Programs for Violin, Viola, Cello

DEADLINE for 2018 applications: Sunday, April 15, 2018, AT 11:59 PM EST

DECISIONS: By email in late April 2018





This program is intended to develop highly skilled musicians and prepare them for a career in music performance. The program is efficient and intensive, consisting of twelve hours of training with experts. The idea is to establish a mentorship between experienced musicians and students.


All Intensive Masterclasses will be small group sessions for twelve to fourteen students, for twelve hours, over the course of three days. Masterclasses will not be open to the public.

Students will be invited on full scholarship. Twelve to fourteen students will be selected by audition tape. Each student will be ensured an equal amount of performance time and the BMI specialists will work in their specific area and give insight into their historical, traditional style.

Students from overseas will also have the opportunity to exchange their knowledge, inspiration, and motivation during the course.



All masterclasses are open to young instrumentalists between the ages of 18 and 26. Everyone accepted into the program will receive a full fellowship. BMI does not provide housing or transportation. All participants must attend for the full twelve hours.



Program Overview ( The order of content subject to change)

Day 1: Bach

Day 2: Concertos

Day 3: Orchestral excerpts 



- Practicing tips

- Suggestions for fingerings and bowings

- Ideas for effective orchestral, solo and chamber music performance

- Orchestra audition tips

- Advice about trial period after winning an audition

- Suggestions for effective leadership as Concertmaster and principal player 






Masterclasses by Berlin Philharmonic members will be at Berlin Philharmonie concert hall, Berlin, Germany 

Masterclasses by Boston Symphony members will be at Symphony Hall, Boston, U.S.A



                                                               Application Requirements



  • Apply online here 

  • Application fee: $125

  • All applicants must upload to Youtube to fulfill the following requirements: 




  • Two contrasting movements from a sonata and partita by Bach

  • Two contrasting movements from a work from the Classical Era

  • Two contrasting movements from a work from the Romantic Era


Alternate recordings will not be accepted, nor will recordings sent by email. 

Unaccompanied recordings will not be accepted unless the piece was written to be unaccompanied.


  Email with any questions or concerns.

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