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Open Heart Program

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OHP. BMI is eager to provide students with the opportunity to join their musical education with outreach programs to teach them about the effect music can have on those who need it the most. We hope that by participating in these programs, students will be able to enrich their paths in music starting early and that the exchange between students, guest artists and larger foundations, all can take place within the context of a humanist point of view. 

Past Events. BMI has collaborated with students at the Perkins School for the Blind for multiple years in presenting free chamber concerts which take on a wide range of repertoire. BMI student musicians were also given the opportunity to perform at the Boston Children’s Hospital.

Free summer programs. Students and teachers at BMI believe that music should be accessible regardless of socio-economic status. BMI provides intensive, collaborative chamber and orchestral instruction free of cost during the summers. For our other programs, those who demonstrate need are provided with 100% scholarships for our professional instruction. BMI experts focus not only on music, but on the enrichment that practicing, performing, and immersing oneself in music can produce. 

Program Coordinator. Simone Horowitz is a first year student at the University of California, Los Angeles pursuing a double major in Political Science and Mathematics/Economics. She is passionate about social justice and musical equity. Her other interests lie in studying health disparities and healthcare and she is an alumnus of the CURE program at the Dana-Farber/Harvard Cancer Institute. In her free time, she mentors students in academics and music. She founded Tutor for Change, a local organization created during the pandemic to enrich social and academic connections between students and mentors. She also provides instruction for young violinists with the Brookline Music Program. 

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